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Help Forum

opportunity to assess student work and get paid

Puzzled? Post! Know the solution to a peer's problem? You know what to do.


Let's try a "Q & A" format for this page, like this:


Q. How do I make a link?

A. There's at least 3 ways,


a) CamelCase - creates a new page


b) bracket + url + space bar + text of your choosing + bracket

like this: I just found this interesting take on the creative commons from the perspective of a practicing musician


c) in pbwiki (not all wikis are created equal), you can also place brackets around any word or phrase to create a "hole," like this:


fixing a hole where the rain gets in


then, later, you or a classmate can plug in a url, or begin writing in the new space (fixing the hole, as it were).

update: cc license in pbwiki seems to cause saved information to vanish....but it's all still there, don't worry.

When I clicked edit on Chevonne's page, I noticed her thorough and thoughtful creativecommons rationale. But I was also immediately reminded of a small glitch: pbwiki doesn't take too kindly to the html that the creative commons provides to put license buttons on wikis--this is a minor bug, but for some reason it's still there. Interesting! Let's collectively hack this and see what we come up with. In the meantime, keep on keepin' on, everyone.



Q. Why does my "Quick Start" menu on the side only show 2 of 3 completed tasks?

A. The third task is inviting friends/associates/comrades.If you click in that general region the first two tasks involve creating a homepage and some other thing I can't remember. I don't think you should be overly concerned with that third part.

R. Thanks!


Q. How do we listen to music and create our own sounds on the freesound website? I know our assignment says through the FireFox web browser, how do we get to that?

A. At freesound, you might have to log in first for full functionality. Even then, keep in mind that although freesound samples can be downloaded and mixed in audacity (we'll get to that), for now we just want to create links with freesound urls in wiki. Playback/listening to your peers' freesound compositions works the same way--users/listeners will have to tab , loop and play.

A. Here is an easier answer:

Step 1: Visit this site

Step 2: Search for strange sounds using the search bar located on the top right of the page (i.e. bat, loud, scary)

Step 3: Copy and paste the url's of a few sounds on your wiki page. See a sample here.


Unit Assignments

Q. I tried to license my homepage for a public domain but my page doesn't show that it was license. So I have no clue on what I did wrong.

A. I figured out how to fix the CC problem to where the information no longer vanishes after you save.

1. Find the area in the code where: style="border-width:0" is written.

2. Delete the 0 so that it becomes this: style="border-width:"

3. Save and problem solved.

- Wiki Gnome


Q. I uploaded my files to the extra space on the roster page but I can't get it to link to my button.

A. After uploading the file to the wiki database, open the link in a new tab and copy and paste the url to your wiki page. Then, place brackets around the url and it should work.


Q. How can I go about copying code for images and pictures from upload files because I can't paste it to my page.

A. Copy the picture URL and paste it to you wiki page. Then place brackets around the URL.


Q. How do I change the background color of my pages? I keep trying and accidentally deleting everything. Kelleebean

A. Follow the steps below:

1. Press edit on this page.

2. Copy the code at the bottom of this page that begins with < and ends with >.

3. Paste that code into your wiki page.

4. Update the background color as well as the text color, size and font to your liking.

The default color is pink with 12pt black text in the calibri font.

5. Enjoy!


Also, when linking to another PBwiki page, simply place the name of the page in brackets like so: Shadi Fackih

- WikiGnome


Thanks, WikiGnome! - Kelleebean


Job Opportunity: Academic Success Center


*Job Description:


The Evening Assistant will act as the receptionist for the Academic Success Center from 4 pm to 9 pm, Monday through Thursday. Responsibilities will include: answering phones, assisting students in scheduling tutoring appointments and in navigating the center, upkeep of the center, copying, filing, and other duties as assigned. The position is a minimum of 20 hours per week with a maximum of 35. Beginning pay is $8/hr for an undergraduate or graduate office assistant. An undergraduate who can tutor Writing will make $9/hr and a graduate student who can tutor Writing can make up to $12/hr.




Required: Customer service skills, stong interpersonal communication skills, knowledge of multi-line phones and copy machines, and strong office computer skills.


Additional Skills that will be taken into consideration include: the ability to tutor Writing. (Other subjects may be taken into account)


*Application Instructions:


Email your resume to Peter Rutledge at


Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society and the English Club (Reading, Writing, and Ringwraiths) are hosting the Facets of Literature Colloquium on March 24, 2008 and are publishing the literary journal Facets of Literature this spring. We would like to invite all students to participate in both the colloquium and the journal

USFSP Strategic Plannin Lunch Events

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Women’s Panel: “Up-close and Personal”

Davis 130; 12 noon


Join us as USF St. Petersburg’s distinguished female faculty members will

provide personal stories of triumph over adversity, offer words of wisdom and

their keys to success.



Dr. Juanita Fountain

Dr. Jessica Cabness

Dr. Julie Armstrong

Dr. Jill McCracken

Dr. Anita Sahgal-Patel

Dr. Ella Schmidt

Dr. Kathy Weedman




Sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Affairs

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