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"Browsing" the web is certainly different from reading a book, and so browsing the web would seem to be a long way from actually composing. However, tabbed browsing can accelerate your browsing into percussive activity that can lead to writing, if you let wiki into your plan. Because, once you get rrrrrrollllllin' with tabbed browsing, you're ready to roll on into the wiki, where you can click the "edit" button or "new page" button. Go ahead, open up a wiki window, to the infinite! Do this--slow down, and write it down. Dissolve all this tabbed energy. Just place your cursor on the wiki and type a little bit about all you've seen and heard and felt on your journey. Tabbed browsing is essential to today's technical writing, folks, so before you experiment with the online tools and resources listed on this page, and before you go any further in your wiki itinerary, be certain to install Firefox and familiarize yourself with tabbed browsing.




w3schools tutorials


mechanics and style


webmonkey html cheetsheets and more


Open Office and Neo Office - free open source software that replaces Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.

speed up open office tips from lifehacker.com


koffice also like Microsoft Word, but free


Craig Waddell's free prose mechanics this free grammar guide and style manual covers the basics


Elements of Style, a classic


Common Errors in English compiled by Paul Brians


nonlinear adding machine got writer's block? Chisel it up, find your "un-voice"


Widget Library! this "scriptorium" shares (java) scripts for making our wiki sizzle. F'shizzle!


Textism quick textile html converter. Very cool!


Latex a document preparation system


free expertise the official pbwiki community forum

wiki formatting


[zamzar free online file format conversion


zoho free online (no downloading necessary) word processing, spreadsheets, and more


compose with sound

how to rip audio from YouTube




pandora the "music genome project"

Freesound- just what it says...and so much more. Tab out a sound, play, play, play


soundtransit collaborative online field recording and phonography


CCMixter a place to share and remix sonic productions.


Audacity - free and open source multi-platform audio editing and recording software. Great for making compressed (i.e. podcast-able) .ogg and .mp3 files.


legaltorrents creative Commons-licensed, legally downloadable, freely distributable creator-approved music, movies, and books. Explore the issues on a tight budget.


Odeo and podomatic - it's so easy to host podcasts at these sites.


phlow magazine freeculture! a hub for netlabels, netaudio artists, mp3s galore


compose with images


You Tube There's also Medicine Films. Free video upload--once uploaded, videos can be embedded on this wiki.


The GIMP - free and open source graphics editing software.

Grokking the GIMP - free online GIMP user's manual.


GIMP community forum ask, answer


a periodic table of visualization methods rhetorical choices


Cascading Style Sheets by John Monroe for ENC 3310. John's CSS example and tutorial will help you work with colors and codes.



Rhetoric and Composition a wikibook to help you hack freshman composition.


Aristotle's Rhetoric


Silva Rhetoricae the forest of rhetoric


TV Tropes Wiki amazing tool for twisting, turning, tweaking, and otherwise patterning language.


composing in common...


The Creative Commons - Learn about how to share and protect your compositions. Shareable images, books, sounds, software, and more


RSSinclude mix your own rss feeds into this wiki


tiddlywiki free wiki composing tool


From tabbing to tagging: Tag Search. Find and make patterns, in wiki, using brief descriptions, or "tags."


Unblock sites


How to... instruction and revelation


Instructables how to collaborate...



the Public Library of Science


Nelson Poynter Memorial Library USFSP Library






slashdot + digg = slashdigg!


science daily digest of current research in science, technology, health


books to buy or borrow


Scott McCloud Understanding Comics the premier digital rhetoric


Joseph Williams Style $5 used


4260 Recommended and Optional Readings

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