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Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 2 months ago

spell out "Four" options

-interesting discourse on standards here


headings: make it clear that these are a sequence


Heading ONe: Law Enforcement Investigation


when addressing the target audience (the youth in process), what are the advantages/disadvantages of different forms of address


1st person

2nd person? You


replace the repetition of "you could...."


followed by the list


because the 4 points under the first header aren't a sequence, you don't need numbers.


options, rather than steps


blank/negative space: important, but,

contact info

who made the document

glossary: good redundancy, because you can repeat the terminology and clarify. Legal terminology is very compressed; therefore, it will be helpful for some readers to look at a glossary

also: a cast of characters! Identify all those will be present and/or active in these procedures.



after If/then


keep bullets but add "metadiscourse" that indicates sequentialiity

i.e. "first,




"then, after that"


"finally, lastly'\

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