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This is my logo




I am using the justice scales as my logo because I am creating a brochure for the State Attorneys Office that will translate their juvenile deliquency procedures into something understandable for the juveniles. It's a little boring but I think it fits with the theme being the law and procedures. I think without using words the scales give an idea of what my brochure will be about.



I understand that you're designing the logo for juveniles and that the intention is to represent the legal system, etc...And I know you're not quite ready to embark on the creation of some lovable kid-friendly icon representing the Florida State Attorney's Office--and that you should neither offer any apologies or explanations...But,if the brochure is for kids and you are intending on providing a service that will be useful to them, at some point visuals get really important.

Think of McGruff-- or do you recall Louie the Lightning Bug--it was a campaign in Florida for energy and lightning and power line safety/ electrocution....I'm a bit old school but you get my drift..

Creatures both fuzzy, creepy annoying and friendly serve a larger purpose than we may care to believe. They establish rapport and intimacy with the children that might not have listened. I never played with matches and you know why? Smokey Bear!

Maybe the scales of justice could be inhabited with some type of knowledgable insect or grandfatherly type of reptile. I don't know.



Thats a good idea Jess. I just thought having some fuzzy little creature on the brochure might draw away from the seriousness of the situations these kids are in. I get the whole idea of like smokey bear which definitely makes sense, I mean I never started a forest fire thanks to him.... lol But yah these are good ideas. I'll have to do some more research. I'm definitely going to have visuals in the brochure to keep away from boring the kids to death. I appreciate your input! Feel free to give some more if you think of anything!


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