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I wish I were as computer oriented as my thoughts require but unfortunately I’m not. I really don’t know how to build pictures and display my thoughts through this medium but I’ll give it my best.


I‘ve had the chance to be a part of a few great projects in my pay and I’d like but I had to hire some one to create graphics, but I have approved a few iteams like album covers. I started my as a club promoter and moved on to club management then on to working for a small record label. As for my unit one project I’m really not sure what I want my visual to look like. I know I’m going to put together a commercial and an ad for print media, and I know what I want them to look like but I’m not sure if I need a logo. I’ve always used the name “OneVoice” and I guess that theme will continue for this assignment as well. I think the name “OneVoice” is great when dealing with public relations issue

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