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Lucky's Rundown

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What you see is what you get and you ain’t seen nothing yet. There’s nothing to really tell other than a lot but that can only be told if there’s a bottle of Makers Whiskey in the middle of us and a six pack of Killian’s Irish Red just to the left of that( the beer is there incase we get too drunk). I’ve lived in a few places like LA but I think it was just a long visit. I have a six year old son named Sean and he’s a soccer guy so that’s what we do on our weekends. I travel a lot but not enough and all I want do I live a simple life where if no one’s rich so poor doesn’t mean so much. My life in a nutshell is that I had a job ask for a promotion didn’t get so I started a business made some money housing market crashed, lost most of the money and I’m back a beginning but its feels like I’m back for the first time. I love a challenge and I let the losers worry about losing. All I every wanted to do was teach but I couldn’t pass Spanish so every semester I took it…I’d try and try then drop out of all my classes when I felt I just couldn’t pass Spanish. Making money wasn’t my calling teaching is so I was never really happy with the money everybody around me was, but “here’s to new beginnings”.

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